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Effortlessly comply with IRS classification, fulfill ACA obligations, and adhere to crucial employment laws without escalating your overall expenses.

Streamlined Payroll Compliance for a distributed workforce

With WorkGenius Payroll, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re adhering to federal and state classification laws, no matter where your team members reside, while streamlining your payroll process.

Leonard Hawkins

Content Writer (Junior-Level)

Hired as a W-2 in California

Megan Chapman

UX/UI Designer (Senior-Level)

Hired as a W-2 in Texas

Timothy Knight

Front-end developer (Mid-Level)

Hired as a W-2 in Florida

Reduce your costs with WorkGenius Payroll

Leveraging over 15 years of payrolling experience, our team has developed intelligent payroll technology that streamlines billing and offers competitive pricing compared to traditional staffing agencies. With WorkGenius Payroll, enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while enhancing talent acquisition and collaboration.

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Cutting-edge Saas platform

Easy onboarding, streamline processes and seamless reporting

Full Automation

WorkGenius tech improves accuracy, speed, security, and reporting

Fair Pricing

Save costs with our competitive pricing

Worried about compliance? We got your back!

With WorkGenius as the employer, you:

  • Minimize or avoid fines, penalties, and interest accumulation from misclassification of contractors or not providing affordable, minimum-value health care plans to eligible staff.
  • Decrease the likelihood of legal conflicts and negative publicity arising from improper worker classification and benefits management.
  • Lessen administrative tasks and risks, as the Staffing Provider handles offering, tracking, and paying legally-required sick leave for employees.

Overwhelmed by federal regulations on minimum wage, sick days, and overtime?

Untangle federal complexities with ease: Our expertise guides you through minimum wage, sick day, and overtime regulations, ensuring compliance while you focus on business growth.

  • Navigate and comply with varying minimum wage requirements across all states, ensuring fair compensation for your team.
  • Understand and fulfill sick day obligations in every state, promoting employee well-being and satisfaction.
  • Adhere to diverse overtime rules in all states, guaranteeing compliance and avoiding potential penalties.

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Get more value for less costs

WorkGenius Payroll is crafted to ensure a seamless transition of workers to W-2 employees at no extra cost, minimally affecting them while offering payroll tax withholding, W-2 tax reporting, and access to legally mandated healthcare plans and sick leave.

Frequently asked questions

Why can WorkGenius be more competitive in pricing?

WorkGenius utilizes advanced technology to optimize processes and enhance efficiency, enabling us to offer more competitive pricing than traditional staffing agencies.

What is the cost of WorkGenius payrolling?

The cost of WorkGenius payrolling depends on the number of freelancers and overall volume. We provide customized pricing tailored to your specific needs.

Does WorkGenius run background checks?

Yes, if desired, WorkGenius can conduct background checks as an additional service to guarantee the best candidates for your team.

Can I onboard my own freelancers to WorkGenius?

Absolutely! Our team is here to ensure a seamless transition, helping you onboard your freelancers smoothly onto the WorkGenius platform.

How do I get started?

To begin, simply reach out to us and schedule a call to discuss the next steps. Our seamless onboarding process typically has you up and running within 48 hours.

How fast can I start with WorkGenius payrolling?

After discussing your needs and completing our seamless onboarding process, you can typically begin using WorkGenius payrolling services within 48 hours. Our team is committed to getting you started as quickly as possible.