Growth from within @WorkGenius – WorkGenius as an employer

This week with Margarita, Senior Business Development at WorkGenius

Margarita joined WorkGenius 2019 as a Business Development Specialist. Before WorkGenius, she spent some time as a Lifeguard at NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, Outbound Sales Account Representative and Team Lead at Altice USA.

Interviewer: “Margarita, how did you find WorkGenius?”

Margarita: “I was looking for new opportunities and found WorkGenius online. I was immediately drawn to the mission WorkGenius has: “empowering people to work”. When I learned more about it I loved the aspects of providing opportunities to talent all around the world and wanted to join this mission.”

Interviewer: “Great. Tell us about your journey at WorkGenius”

Margarita: “I joined as Business Development Strategist in June 2019. When I first joined, I was one of 6 SDRs which right away formed a competitive environment in a positive way. We all had an ambitious quota to hit and to be honest, I was concerned in the beginning. Although I had been an Outbound Sales Rep for over 3 years, this role and the market was new to me. 

Nevertheless, I started to work hard, improve myself every day, and learned everything I could about the market and my prospects. WorkGenius helped me with the right resources, training sessions to get up to speed fast. After hitting quota 5 consecutive months in a row, I got promoted to Senior Business Development.” 

Interviewer: “That’s awesome! What has changed since then?”

Margarita: “Besides the usual perks of being promoted, I also received additional responsibilities. I consider myself a good salesperson but I also love to help and work with my colleagues. In my initial role, I was very focused on myself, which is quite common for someone in sales. After talking to my manager, I started to take on team leading responsibilities to coach new hires, help the team to improve their outreach, and working with my manager and the team to hit our sales goals. I love it. 

Interviewer: “What do you think about the growth opportunities at WorkGenius?”

Margarita: “WorkGenius offers good training sessions and allocates budget to learning opportunities such as fairs, online courses, or workshops. Moreover, I can choose to join client meetings and on-site pitch sessions, which is usually Account Executive work, whenever I want to. 

I like to be surrounded by ambitious people and our team is great. Everybody is different but very like-minded and we all want to see each other succeed. I have colleagues from 5 different nations in New York, and globally over 17 and this diversity makes me thrive even more. Furthermore, we are given the opportunity to go to Germany twice a year to visit our headquarters and I love to travel! As a team, we are excited about the direction WorkGenius is heading and our own growth. 

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