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The most popular freelance skill sets on the market today

With the shift to digital work and the rising desire for flexibility, top talent is freelancing now more than ever. High growth companies around the globe are tapping into these highly skilled workers to propel their companies forward. These are the top 6 in-demand skill sets: 

1. Transcription

As digital work evolves, so does the need for hard copies of your meetings, videos, and broadcasts. Captioning town halls, fire side chats or even monthly project meetings creates seamless communication. Allow a freelancer to do the work for you, and your team can get back to thinking outside the caption box. 

2. Content Creation

The easiest way to get your brand noticed is gorgeous, consistent socal media content. Let one of our highly skilled freelancers take the reigns on graphic design, planning and hashtagging, so you and your team can focus on the big picture 

3. Web Development 

It’s the age of the internet, there’s no getting around the need for a perfect website. An FTE web developer can create a ton of overhead, and bottleneck the process, utilizing a highly skilled freelancer allows your website to be up and running faster. It just “clicks!” 

4. Copy Writing 

We all have more on our plates than ever before, let a freelancer handle copywriting for you.  Creative and intriguing writing is a great way to increase brand awareness, and a copy freelancer with access to all of your brand standards is the best way to write this off your list 

5. Analytics 

Data-driven decision making is going to be the key to 2021 success, don’t lose any of your team’s momentum. With diligent analysis of sales, marketing and growth strategies you can produce a better road map to success. Allow a freelance expert to guide you. 

6. SEO 

Ever since Google became a verb, businesses have been strategizing their placement and results. Utilizing one of our expert SEO freelancers can drive traffic to your site. 

No matter what your needs for 2021 might be, WorkGenius has a Genius for you.

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