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From automotive to pharma, our technology can help you find the ideal freelancer for your project.

Top Tasks & Skills:

  • Potential Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Strategy

End-to-End Freelance Solution

The Freelancer Management Software from WorkGenius combines the
three essential areas of collaboration with freelancers


Our skill-based matching helps you find the best talent for your projects–quickly and reliably.


Eliminate the time-consuming demands of working with freelancers, thanks to our fully-automated management systems.


No need for thousands of contracts and invoices; with WorkGenius, you’ll find everything in one place – automatically, simply, and securely.

Any questions?

What skills do business developers at WorkGenius have?

Our business developers bring expertise to the development and implementation of innovative ideas. In addition to a comprehensive understanding of technological and business issues, they bring a keen grasp of the market and the forces that shape it and drive it. Take your pick from a pool of over 350,000 qualified candidates, with different areas of expertise and experience levels.

What projects can business developers take on for me?

In addition to market and potential analyses, our business developers can help you develop strategies to achieve your set goals. WorkGenius gives you access to freelancers with different industry knowledge, experience levels, and skills. Our technology can help you find the most suitable business developer for your transformation project from our pool of 350,000 qualified candidates.

How do I find suitable business developers at WorkGenius?

Searching for suitably qualified business developers can be challenging–resumes and work samples have to reviewed beforehand, the search-and-select process is time-consuming and heavy on admin work, while availability schedules add a layer of complexity to sourcing the right candidates, at the right time.

Thanks to our automated workflows, WorkGenius can eliminate much of the complexity and time involved: you set the project brief (with the help of our brief templates), our technology analyzes them for success criteria involving over 5,000 data points, and bespoke AI-systems match them to the most suitable freelancer for your needs, out of a pool of 350,000 qualified candidates.

This automated, data-driven approach spares you a lengthy recruiting process, and can result in qualified candidates starting on your project quickly–sometimes within 28 minutes of a brief being published.

I need a business developer with experience in the food industry in the USA. Can WorkGenius help me with this?

WorkGenius gives you access to freelancers with a wide range of skills. Our technology can help you find the most suitable freelancer for your project from our pool of 350,000 qualified candidates.

Can I hire a business developer without specifying a project objective?

Yes. You can book one or more candidates on a daily basis, just to exchange ideas. If this exchange helps you identify new projects that you wish to pursue, you're free to retain the same candidates to work on those projects, or to hire new ones.

How is the confidentiality of freelancers legally regulated?

All WorkGenius freelancers must opt in to and accept our standard confidentiality agreement. This means when you hire someone through our platform, your interests and rights are immediately protected.